January 1, 2010










The name of the club shall be The Greater Cincinnati BMW Club Inc. The purpose of the club is to promote and maintain the respectability long associated with BMW motorcycles and their riders and nurture sportsmanship and fellowship and to encourage courteous and responsible riding.




The Club shall be incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the state of Ohio.




The regular meetings of the club shall be held monthly unless otherwise specified.




    Section 1. Eligibility


In order for a person to become a member of the Greater Cincinnati BMW Club Inc. (GCBMWC), they must support the purpose(s) of the club and be at least 16 years of age.


Spouses or significant others of members will be eligible for Associate Membership.


    Section 2. New Memberships


A.       A new member shall be considered as anyone joining the Club after September meeting date.

B.       Anyone having joined the club before September 1978 meeting date shall be considered a Charter Member of the Club.

C.      A prospective member must meet the following requirements before becoming a member of GCBMWC.

1.        A prospective member must attend two club functions, (meetings, club rides, etc.)

2.        A prospective member must submit a completed application with the appropriate yearly dues at a monthly meeting following the completion of requirement #1.

3.        A prospective member shall be voted in by the club members present at the meeting when the vote is taken. A 2/3rds majority vote is required for the acceptance of a prospective member. The voting will be held in the absence of the applicant.






    Section 3. Honorary Membership


A.       Any current Charter, New, or Associate Member is eligible to become an Honorary Member.  An Honorary Member shall not be assessed annual dues. An Honorary Member shall maintain his or her voting privileges unless otherwise specified in their nomination. An honorary membership shall have no expiration date.

B.       The potential honorary member must be nominated for this membership by another current member. A 2/3 majority vote of the members present is required for acceptance as an Honorary Member.


    Section 4. Removal of Member


Any member may be removed for any action determined to be detrimental to the club by a 2/3rds majority vote at a regular business meeting.




Nonmembers are welcome at all the club meetings or activities at the discretion of the attending members.




    Section 1. Regular Membership


Dues for membership in the Greater Cincinnati BMW Club Inc. shall be determined by the officers before the January meeting each year and payable before March 1st. Dues will become ½ of the regular amount following the August meeting for the remainder of the year. Said dues shall be nonrefundable.


Full membership will run from January 1 through December 31. A person’s name will be maintained on the rolls until March 1st (without voting privileges) at which time his or her name will be removed if their dues are not received.


    Section 2. Associate Memberships


Dues for Associate members shall be determined by the officers before the January meeting each year. Associate membership dues will not be pro-rated during the year and shall be nonrefundable.






The Greater Cincinnati BMW Club Inc. will use "Robert's Rules of Order" as a guideline in conducting business meetings.






    Section I. Officers


The Greater Cincinnati BMW Club Inc. shall have the following officers:

President, Vice-President/Activities Director, Secretary, and Treasurer.



    Section 2. Duties of Officers


The duties of the officers will be as follows:



The president shall preside at all official Meetings of the club. He or she will represent the club in other functions (rallies, club tours, and/or other events requiring a representative of the club).



The vice president will perform the duties of the president in his or her absence.

He or she will be responsible for supervising the organization and performance of official club activities (rallies, rides, competitions, etc.).



The secretary will handle official club correspondence and record minutes of the official meetings. He or she will maintain the club scrapbook, MOA Charter, Banners, and any other club properties.



The club treasurer will keep a permanent and up to date record of the clubs monetary activities. All transactions will be recorded with names, dates, and balance; and reported at each business meeting. A bank account will be maintained. (Two officers must have access to the accounts). He or she will be responsible for maintaining the club's incorporation status. All financial matters will be channeled through the Treasurer. Distribution of club funds shall be approved by a majority vote at a regular business meeting. In the event that time does not permit approval by a majority vote at the next business meeting, funds will be distributed with the approval of the President and the Treasurer.


            General Duties of the officers


A monthly newsletter will be maintained as a responsibility of the officers. The club officers will be responsible for developing club policies and activities into proposals to be voted on by the membership. When voting among the officers is necessary, the votes will count as follows: II/2 for the president, and I vote for each of the other officers. There must be 3 officers present for an official officers meeting to take place.


        Section 3. Term of Office


All officers shall be elected for a period of one year. No officer shall serve more than 3 consecutive years in the same office.


        Section 4. Nominations of Officers


Nominations for officers will be open at the October and November meetings of each year. Members or associate members are eligible to become officers of the club.



       Section 5. Elections of Officers


Elections for officers will be held at the December meeting of each year.


       Section 6. Installation of Officers


Installation of officers will take place at the January business meeting.


       Section 7. Voting for Officers


Officers will be elected by simple majority.


       Section 8. Absentee Voting


If a member is unable to be at the regular election meeting in person because of illness, business travel, or other extreme reason, he or she may cast their vote(s) by designating it in writing in a sealed envelope marked "Ballot". These absentee ballots will be collected by the secretary prior to the vote, but not counted until the rest of the membership votes are counted.


       Section 9. Resignation of Officers


If an officer resigns during his or her term, the office shall be filled by appointment of the remaining officers until the next election.




    Section I. Eligibility


All members and associate members shall be entitled to one vote each.


    Section 2. Voting on Business Matters


Business matters will be decided by a simple majority vote of the members present when the vote is taken.





These By-Laws can be amended at any time by a motion read at one regular monthly meeting and vote taken at the next regular monthly business meeting.


Notification of proposed By-Law changes will be distributed to members in the newsletter after the first reading. The amendment must pass by a 2/3rds majority vote of the members present.




If the club should be dissolved, all monies and property held by the club will be turned over to local charities at the discretion of the members.