International Cities Contest


Congratulations to Mike LaBar - your contest winner with 25 international city photos.

In 2008 we will visit small towns named after larger international cities, countries, and states.
Ever been to Paris? How about London, or Boston? Now you can on your bike (any make) and get frequent-rider points without the hassles of flying. Heck, you don't even need a passport, and the terrorist threat-level is low... green I think. The motorist threat-level may be higher at blue, so always be safe when pulling over to take your tourist-like pictures of your bikes in front of city signages.

  • You must be a GCBMWC member.
  • The contest runs from January 1, 2008 until November 30th 2008. Pictures must be taken in 2008. No old images!
  • You can ride any of your bikes.
  • City names should be familiar and spelled the same way. Cities named after countries and US Sates are also allowed.
  • The international city can be anywhere in the world but must be large enough to have an airport for international flights
    (There is a Milford in northern Ireland with population of 1500. It may have 9 pubs, but no international airport - no points.)
  • You must have a picture of your bike or you in your gear with city signage or city landmark.
  • Depending how far you travelled from Cincinnati, each picture could have a point value from 1 to 7.
    -Photos of cities within a 50 mile radius are worth 1 point.
    -Photos of cities within a 100 mile radius are worth 2 points.
    -Photos of cities within a 150 mile radius are worth 3 points.
    -Photos of cities within a 200 mile radius are worth 4 points.
    -Photos of cities within a 250 mile radius are worth 5 points.
    -Photos of cities within a 300 mile radius are worth 6 points.
    -All Photos of cities outside a 300 mile radius are worth 7 points.
  • Prize values - $100 to 1st place - $50 to 2nd place - $25 to 3rd place finishers

  •   Radius tool to figure out your points for a city picture and a useful map from Google.

    Google Map Marker tool

    Google Map Tracer Utilty tool for plotting your course.

    NationsOnline city page

    Small Towns page

    Get out there and see the world and don't forget your camera!