2009 Lake Riding Contest

Congratulations to Neil Jones. He rode his RT to 109 lakes for a total of 757 points.

View Neil's pictures - 109 lakes - 757 points
View Bill Berry's pictures - 55 lakes - 121 points
View Mike LaBar's pictures - 30 lakes - 78 points

  • You must be a GCBMWC member.
  • The contest runs from March 1, 2009 until November 30th 2009. Pictures must be taken in 2009. No old images!
  • You can ride any of your bikes.
  • You must have a picture of your bike or you in your gear with lake signage or landmarks.
  • Depending how far you travelled from home, each picture could have a point value from 1 to 7.
    -Photos of lakes within a 50 mile radius are worth 1 point.
    -Photos of lakes within a 100 mile radius are worth 2 points.
    -Photos of lakes within a 150 mile radius are worth 3 points.
    -Photos of lakes within a 200 mile radius are worth 4 points.
    -Photos of lakes within a 250 mile radius are worth 5 points.
    -Photos of lakes within a 300 mile radius are worth 6 points.
    -All Photos of lakes outside a 300 mile radius are worth 7 points.
  • Valuable Prizes for those who are drawn to the water.

  • Get Riding and don't forget your camera and retractable fishing pole!

     Findlakes has over 40,000 lakes listed in the United States. Use this site to find lakes with a Google Map interface.
    Listing by state

    Radius tool to figure out your points for a lake picture and a useful map from Google.

    Google Map Marker tool

    Google Map Tracer Utilty tool for plotting your course.