GCBMWC Breakfast Ride 04/04/2004


There are several opportunities to leave the ride early. When we hit Greensburg (about an hour), we cross Interstate 74. It is about 20 min. to 275. When we turn on 421, there are several gas stations and little restraints. I would like to take our first break here. It should be approximately 30 min. from Greensburg to Route 50 which is a convenient cut off. It would take about 20 to 30 min. to go back to 275 from there. When we get to Markland dam, there is a Shell station on the left, that will be our 2nd stop. Ky riders and anyone else can cut off there across the dam. If there is agreement, I can lead the ride over to the KY side as well.



today was a fantastic day for a ride. practically no traffic. all went well, no one got hurt or lost. i wanted to let everyone know that the beautiful southern section of 129 in Indiana (just before you come to Indiana 56) is getting rerouted to take the twists out. Any of you who love this section of road probably do not have long before it will be ruined. They have already started stripping out the trees, moving fences and some grating next to the road. As soon as they start moving heavy equipment on the road it will be all torn up, muddy and dangerous. Go ride this section while you still have a chance.

Tom Collins