Marion VA.

Anne and I took our trip to Marion VA. this weekend. We left Friday morning about 8am. We took Rt35 to I-64 and got off of the highway at Rocky Gap, VA. It was very cold and Very Windy. Overcast most of the day but dry! Anne did not like the wind and I must admit it scared the heck out of me a few times. We got off of the highway in VA. and drove thru the most beautiful hill country to Tazewell and then took Rt.16 to Marion. Rt. 16 was as described, 24 miles of blind turns, no shoulders, big elevation changes and beautiful scenery. There did appear to be a fair amount of new guardrail installed although I don't think it would do you much good on a motorcycle! Marion VA. is the birthplace of Mountain Dew and Sat. the 27 was Mountain Dew Days! We got up and cruised through downtown. They were setting up for the festivities and as there were snow flurries we decided to hit the road. We again took Rt. 16 to Tazewell and even though there were flurries in the air, the road was OK. Rt. 16 was nicely paved and was well maintained, there was however a lot of gravel in the turns, couldn't go fast anyway. We returned to Ohio via Rt. 52, which we got to by way of several WV state roads that were very challenging and not as well maintained as Rt. 16 but very fun nonetheless. Rt. 52 in WV was a great discovery, although very populated there are few stops and parts of that road are really great. It bears no resemblance to 52 in OH. The snow flurries quit early in the day and we stopped in Portsmouth OH. Sunday morning we took Rt.73 all the way home. I had never been on the part of 73 south of Peebles and I found it to be a really nice road. Sunday was cold but sunny. We had a great ride (a little under 800 miles) and will definitely go back when it is a little warmer. Wish some of you could have gone along, maybe next time, I took a few photos and I have posted them on the yahoo site.

Chris & Anne Long