Monthly Meetings
Normally held on the second Saturday at 7:00pm.
Check the Calendar or the home page for the latest information.

Sunday Breakfast and Group Ride
first Sunday of the month.  Check the home page for details.

Group Riding Rules

1. Be prepared. Begin the group ride with a full tank of gas, appropriate clothing for the weather, well-rested and fed, and a bike in safe operating condition. 
2. Make sure everyone is aware of the proposed route and stops.
3. The ride is self-paced. Ride at a speed you feel comfortable with. This isn't the time or place to hone your riding skills.  It ruins everyone's day if you get hurt.
4. Ride in a staggered formation, with a minimum of two seconds between you and the rider directly in front of you. This allows you to use the entire lane to ride in and gives you an extra margin of safety.
5. Ride your ride, not the rider's in front of you. Make sure you keep looking down the road and through the corners, not at the bike ahead of you. Set your own pace and choose your own lines through the corners.
6. A group of motorcycles is not considered a "single vehicle!". Be courteous and allow cars to enter/exit a highway or change lanes. 
7. At least one of the riders ahead of you will wait at every point where you might make a wrong turn.
8. Similarly, you are expected to wait at intersections and other decision points until the person behind you shows up. So before you make that turn check your mirrors and make sure the riders behind you are there.
9. We try to plan brief stops throughout the ride to let everyone regroup, make sure everyone is present, check gas supplies, and to allow for rests and hydration.
10. If you decide to split off from the ride, let the group know about it beforehand if possible, and at least one person in the group while riding.

Ride Safe and have fun!

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